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> WATCH: Houston TX allows land-owners to put up what their econmics provides, not what a zoning agency says everyone should do. Watch this video. . .

If You Want To Downsize . . .

The infographic to the right starts showing how we went from living smaller in the 1970s to living over the top in 2013.

Current zoning and land laws are designed to give rich landowners in most areas, a protection for their investment, but at times are a detriment to the persons wanting to live within the financial means that they have.

This is why the Houston & Victoria, Texas cities have such a good plan, that the person owning the land can erect what they can afford. The laws are built on a person's economics, not on what the rich government officials think should be allowed.

In Canyon County Idaho, if a person wants to live small in order to live within their financial means, the chances of that happening at this time (September 2014) are nil to none. It is just this way because of the laws set by the rich are to govern all people regardless of their inability to pay the fees and the zoning laws as they stand right now because it would require most people to go into debt, the very thing that many people are trying to avoid.

Going into debt with a minimal income is not a smart move for anyone. But, living small in a large world is a smart move for people who want to be able to afford to see their purchasing power raise up. To be able to afford food is crucial to people on limited incomes. And at the rate that food is rising, that is becoming a critical point for many.

> In a day when the economy is not as good as it used to be...
> In a day when cost of living is out pacing income...
> In a day when people are finding harder to live within their means...
one would think that the local government would do all it could to help people who can afford to live small in a large world, to be able to do so.

Most states and counties have laws on the books that prohibit a person from living in a motorhome not in an RV park, for any length of time. Some are 30-days. Some are no longer than 6-moths. Some might be less than 2 weeks.

If people had an RV or Trailer that was presentable, in excellent shape outwardly, and inwardly, and they wanted to live in it, the county should allow them to. In Canyon County, there are some nice RV Parks but there are limitations as to who can occupy them:
> Unit must be newer than 15years old. They say it is what their insurance company requires.
> The only other option is to live in a RV part that has a lot of problems because Law Enforcement is there more often than any other RV Park. So at this time, the choices are nil to none.

So, if a person could afford land, but wanted to live in... let's say, in a TINY HOUSE on wheels, they would be hard-pressed to find that a reality based on how the laws are written in 2014.

It will take a group of "Dedicated" people to band together to become active in petitioning local governments to allow people to choose to live within their

financial means, and to allow people to be able to be proud that they are doing it without incurring a large unaffordable debt.

Governments who force the middle class to the poorer class to have to go into debt just to survive, the government is doing a disservice to the people they are here to serve and protect. Yes, some requirements will have to be set, but a government with people sensitive to the needs of others, it is a needed service.

If You Live In District 3 In Southwest Idaho. . .

If you want to be a part of a group of progressive thinkers, people who want to have a smaller carbon print and to live within the means that they have, and if you want to work together on a team to petition local governments to help provide a way for people to live small in order to be able to sustain themselves without going into debt, we'd like to hear from you if you already:
1> Have a trailer for your tiny home to be built on
2> Have a Mobile Living Space
3> Have a finished tiny home but no where to park it in Idaho... Write to: [email protected]. and in the subject line type in which of the three best identifies you.

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