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This is "Bertie The Busss." It is our tow vehicle for pulling an additional double or triple axle trailer. This handicap accessible bus w/wheelchair lift was contracted for in May 2014. Our plan is to start converting it to a comfort vehicle starting March 2015. Sylvia's chemo has stopped. But she is still on a maintenance drug infusion program every 3 weeks. 

As for the bus, you can see photos of it and an in-depth description whn you go to:


The handicap is not because of Ovarian Cancer, but because of her "Post Polio Syndrome" disability that causes the muscles in her legs & hips to hurt most of the time since 2008. This also makes her unsteady on her feet at times. It is for this reason that we are making "Bertie The Busss" a priority because it will provide her with a more comfortable riding experience, one that would allow her to ride for longer periods of time other than what sitting up allows which is about 30-minutes tops.

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